Rogue Trader

War for Damaris Phase 3

They're in the walls!


After last night’s session I’ve updated the tactical deployments of the Levy units for the defense of Damaris. Following the massive influx of Ork Roks, the ground war took a turn for the worse as huge Ork incursions supported by heavy weapons and vehicles smashed through the West Walls and have begun pouring into the city!. With a breach in the walls, the Orks have begun forces into the city proper and have started attacking key installations, such as city infrastructures, the Starport, etc.

I would like to highlight one change – now that the Orks are within the city walls, they can threaten all inner locations to various extents. This is different than what I told you all last night, sorry! To reflect my misreading of the text, I’ll allow a redeployment at the next session to compensate.

Your current deployments can be seen here: Damaris Levy Deployment

Next week will start off with the current mission to track down Ork raiders as requested by Magos Hadron Shard of the Forge.




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