Arbitor-Dynasty Firestorm-class Frigate


Argos stat block:

Speed: 8
Maneuverability: +30
Detection: +13
Armor: 18
Void Shields: 1
Hull Integrity: 33
Space: 40 (Used: 38)
Power: 45 (Used: 44)
Turret Rating: 1
Weapon Capacity: Dorsal 1, Prow 1
Ship Points Total Cost: 50

Essential Components
Strevlov 1 Warp Engines, Geller Field, Modified Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive, Void Shield, Command Bridge, Archeotech Life Sustainer, Voidsmen Quarters, R-50 Multi-band Auspex

Supplemental Components
Dorsal Sunsear Laser Battery, Prow Titanforge Lance Weapon, Compartmentalized Cargo Hold, Reinforced Interior Bulkheads, Luxury Passenger Quarters

Weapon Components
Dorsal Sunsear Laser Battery: 1d10+2, Strength 4, Range 9, Crit Rating: 4
Prow Titanforge Lance Weapon: 1d10+4, Strength 1, Range 6, Crit Rating: 3

Reliquary of Mars, Ancient and Wise

Special Rules:
Enhanced Cogitator Relays: As long as the bridge remains undamaged, all Command Tests made by the Captain gain +5 and all Ballistic Skill Tests to fire shipboard weapons gain +5.
Stellar Detection: Mapping protocols provide a +5 bonus to avoid celestial phenomena, but subtract -2 from the ship’s Detection (all ready accounted for in the ships Detection bonus).
Ancient and Wise: This ship is of a bygone age, having survived many millennia of voyages and adventures. It’s hull has weakened over the centuries, but it anticipates the needs of its crew, and will move as one with a competent master. The ship suffers -4 Hull Integrity, but gains a +10 bonus to any Maneuver Actions it performs (including out of combat and ramming). These bonuses have already been factored into the ships profile.
Reliquary of Mars:This vessel has been outfitted with archeotech components from its days long past. However, any Tech-Use Tests to repair the ship suffer a a -20 penalty due to the highly complex nature of the machinery. Additionally, tech-priests of Mars regard the vessel as holy, or at least have holy components. Some may petition to visit the vessel, others may want it for themselves.


The Argos, a Firestorm-class frigate, was originally built and commissioned far from the Calixis Sector, in the vast Gothic-Sector fleet base of Port Maw. It was launched in M36 and spent millennia serving on the Imperial Navy’s front lines against the forces of the Archenemy until the Chandor Offensives. During the forth day, the Argos was hit by multiple broadsides and set afire. It was towed back to the docks, where it was intended to be broken up for scrap. However, the Arbitor Dynasty saw in the Argos examples of ancient technology from humanity’s past, exceedingly rare in the Imperium. The dynasty paid a princely sum to refurbish the vessel, and when completed, took the craft into the depths of the Kornonus Expanse. There, the dynasty has been well served by the ship saved from the breaker’s yard.

Though not a true sentient character by any means, the Argos still has a personality of its own, and its crew can swear that the ship has a mind of its own at times.


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