Astropath Transcendent


Charon began life on a rogue science vessel, the result of a genetic experiment designed to breed a better psyker. As one of the few who showed talent, Charon spent much of his time as a child in training, honing his skills in competition against his “siblings.” He also fell in love with knowledge, attempting to read every book in the ship’s library. Like much of the work done on board his home vessel, the knowledge contained in those books was forbidden to others, but it allowed him to surpass his peers and gain the notice of his instructors. Before his powers could be cultivated to the highest levels, his home was attacked by one of the dreaded black ships of the Inquisition. He fought bravely, but ultimately ended up being captured and taken before the Emperor.

After enduring the Rite of Sanctioning, and becoming soul-bound to the God-Emperor himself, he has embarked on a quest for knowledge and the power contained within it. He has served as an Astropath on countless ships, absorbing every piece of information along the way, moving on when he had learned all that he could. He now finds himself serving on the crew of the Argos, attracted to them by the stories of their previous exploits and their reputation for adventure.

A recent mishap during a suicide mission on Damaris has left Charon’s body nearly destroyed. In a last ditch attempt to stay alive, Charon used his knowledge of the occult to temporarily translate his being into the warp. He could not exist in this state forever, and so, in a massive effort of will, he possessed the body of one of the Argos’ house troops. Doomed to a dual reality, he must now exercise all his will in order to maintain some semblance of existence.


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