• WS 62
  • BS 25
  • S 60
  • T 40
  • Ag 30
  • Int 35
  • Per 30
  • WP 61
  • Fel 63


  • Tarsus pattern suppression shield (+4 armor to left arm and body)
  • Thunder hammer (2d10 + 18, pen 10)
  • Heavy flamer (2d10 + 4, pen 4)
  • Burning blade (1d10 + 13, pen 4)
    + exterminator cartridge
  • Inferno grenade (1d10 + 3, pen 6, blast 2)
  • Hand flamer, power sword, bolt pistol, flamethrower
  • Born on an Imperial World
  • Motivated by vengeance
  • Calamity, Duty to the throne, Child of the creed

One of Esailla’s earliest memories was witnessing her parents being murdered by chaos heretics. As an orphan, she was taken into the ministorium. Her love for the God Emperor moved her to join the Adepta Sororitas and she became a Sister of Battle. Her short temper and over zealous nature moved her superiors to reassign her to the Missionarus Galaxia where she was assigned as an eclessiarchy liason to the Arbiter dynasty.

Esailla is known to her fellow comrades as “the witch slayer”. She harbors hatred for heretics, eldar, and psychers. She has a grynix familiar she met on the Dread Pearl that she calls Zella, after a fallen friend.


Rogue Trader esailla