Stabilizing Foam


As a Full Action, the player may apply one dose of Bio-Foam to himself with a Hard (-20) Medicae Test. A successful test immediately heals 1d10 hit points plus 1 hit point per every 2 degrees of success, while characters in the criticals gain 1d5 hit points. Bio-Foam does not heal the effects of critical damage, as only proper medical attention can heal the effects of critical damage.Characters with the Machine Trait heal 1d5 hit points instead, as the Bio-Foam is not designed with heavily modified bodies in mind.

Bio-Foam can be applied to other characters as Challenging ( +0 ) Medicae Test, as it is easier to treat others than yourself. Bio-Foam can also be used to stop the effects of Bleeding with an Routine ( +10 ) Medicae Test.

Immediately adjacent enemies (melee range) are allowed a free Standard Attack if the character did not disengage from melee combat before applying the Bio-Foam.

Rarity: Very Rare
An acquisition of Bio-Foam gives 2 doses.


Bio-foam is a self-sealing, antibacterial, space-filling coagulant and tissue-regenerative foam polymer used as a form of medical first aid. This foam keeps damaged organs in place and helps stop bleeding and hemorrhaging from lacerations, abrasions, contusions, punctures, and thermal and electric burn wounds. Bio-foam is inserted into the skin and deeper into the body. It is very painful to use, initially described as feeling like “burning ants crawling around the wound” and “thousands of tiny knives” stabbing the recipient. However, following intial application, bio-foam releases a moderate analgesic to numb the pain of entry. It is often used as a medical option when there are no medical personnel available. Although common amongst proper medical facilities, their cost limits their availability to the general public.

The effects of bio-foam are temporary, and after a time, the bodies natural immune responses begin degrading the material. Therefore, Bio-foam is normally a form of first aid, used only as a temporary sealant until proper medical attention can be sought.


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