Rogue Trader

Rogue Trader Reactivation

RT back in action!

Greetings all,

Now that the 6th term exams are (mostly) done for those of us who had the misfortune of having to take them, we can resume our campaign! As usual, our sessions will be at the normal time (7:30pm-ish) Monday nights, at Willamette 350. My lab is also moving very soon into our new lab space which includes a brand new conference room, which we might be able to move to if it turns out to be better than our current space.

I’ll save a full recap for the next session, but as a teaser, where we left off last session was the Dynasty, along side Cpt. Locke and a system ship had just repulsed a trio of Ork frigates which had been pursuing the naval Firestorm-class frigate, Adamant. The captain of Adamant, Commander Algor DuRanes, arrived with orders to retrieve Cpt. Locke and her vessel, Aegis back to Port Wander. With the orks defeated, the fate of the Damaris Space Defense lies in your hands…

See you all at tomorrow sessions!




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