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Hello RT explorers!

To try to enhance our Rogue Trader playing sessions, I’m giving Obsidian Portal a shot to try to better organize the various information that normally gets handed out during our sessions. Sessions work great for in-game handouts, reading quotes, roleplaying and such, but leaves something to be desired as far as in depth background information, maps, characters, etc. While GMing for Rogue Trader, I’ve often found that there is a wealth of background information about whatever planet the group may be on, and unless I sit there and read it all to you (which is very boring), very little of it gets communicated. To try to alleviate this, I’ll be uploading background information, NPC lists, recent action, maps, etc all for your perusal when we are not gaming. My hope is that with all this background information readily accessible, we can all enjoy a richer experience during our normal play sessions.

Obsidian portal isn’t just a one-way flow of information – you can upload items too! Feel free to post your own character biographies as well, or upload a blog post about the recent ongoings of the Arbiter dynasty.

For now, there’s not much on here, but I intend on uploading more information as I have time – the goal to use this site as a repository for you all to use freely.




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