Arbitor Household Troops

Dynasty Troops


Arbitor Household Troops
WS 32
BS 41
S 32
T 38
Ag 33
Int 26
Per 31
WP 25
Fel 24
Wounds: 12
Movement: 3/6/9/18
Skills: Awareness, Climb, Common Lore (Imperium, War), Concealment, Drive (Land, Walker), Search, Silent Move
Talents: Basic Weapon Training(Universal), Heavy Weapon Training(SP, Launcher, Las), Melee Weapon Training(Chain, Primitive), Pistol Training(Universal), Resistance (Fear)
Armour: Storm Trooper Carapace (arms 6, body 6, head 6, legs 6)
Weapons: Hellgun(110m, S/3/-, 1d10+4E, pen 7, clip 60, reload 2 Full), 3 frag grenades (9m, S/-/-, 2d10X, pen 0, Blast(4), mono knife (1d5 + 3R, pen 2)
Gear: 2 spare hellgun backpack mounted charge packs, personal vox, house uniform, respirator, photo-visor
Additional available equipment: 2 troops may be designated as a Heavy Stubber team, operating an Ortholack pattern Heavy Stubber ( Heavy, 120m, //10, 1d10 + 5 I, pen 3, Clip 200, Rld 2 Full, 35 kg). One trooper acts as the gunner, the other as a ammunition bearer. As the troopers act as a team, Jams are cleared in half the normal times, and reloads are cut in half. Setting up the Heavy Stubber in a firing position takes a Full Action.


These troops are veteran soldiers of the Arbitor Dynasty. Used mainly for special operations, escort duties, or other missions of high importance, Household Troops excel in uses where quality is more important than quantity. Though small in numbers, the Arbitor Household Troops are currently equipped to the same level as Imperial Storm Troopers, though not quite as extensively trained.

Currently there are 18 of these veterans, and more troops can be trained and equipped as per standard Acquisition rules.

These troops can increase their basic stats, Skills, and Talents with a Difficult (-10) Acquisition roll to represent extensive (and expensive) training. Alternatively, the ship improvement option Crew Improvements from the Into the Storm supplement can be purchased for the same effect. These options may be bought multiple times, to a limit of three improvements.

Arbitor Household Troops

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