Bishop Mikael Arint

Bishop Mikael Arint of the St. Drusus Shrine


Dedicated to the Imperial Creed and its proliferation both on Damaris and the Koronus Expanse at large, Bishop Arint is the senior clergy member on Damaris and is head of the shrine of St. Drusus. A gaunt older man with a personable demeanor, he oversees not only the regular services, but also the protection of the sacred relic for which the shrine was established. His sole goal is to protect the relic from unbelievers and xenos filth. To facilitate this, the shrine is home to over five hundred custodian guards who are utterly loyal to the Bishop and the cult. The guard the relic ceaselessly, with at least twenty on duty at any time.


Passing a Challenging(+0) Investigation roll on Bishop Arint will yield his full biography. Common knowledge (no roll required) yields the above information.

Bishop Mikael Arint

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