Commander Orean Reynolds

Commander of the Bulwark


Reynolds is the current commander of Damaris’ main void defense station – the Bulwark. As such, Reynolds is one of the most powerful men on Damaris, falling just short of General Dante and Governor Kapak, and with good reason. Reynolds is well known for his highly experienced void career, serving many years on trade ships plying the Expanse. Strange for a voidman, Reynolds returned to his home planet of Damaris to bring his experience to the full while commanding the Damaris Defence Flotilla.

Currently, Reynolds is hard pressed with the current war with the Orks. Though adept at void combat and strategy, Ork numbers may prove to much for the much battered Reynolds to cope with.


Passing a Challenging(+0) Investigation roll on Reynolds will yield his full biography. Common knowledge (no roll required) yields the above information.

Commander Orean Reynolds

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