Lord-Captain Sylvia Locke

Lord-Captain of the Imperial Navy vessel Aegis


“I’m afraid that I cannot, in good conscience, follow these orders, my Lord. These people need our aid, and is not service the most divine duty of His Holy Navy?”

Sylvia Locke is a Captain of the Imperial Navy, commanding the Dauntless-class light Cruiser Aegis. Currently on extended long range patrol in the Koronus Expanse, she has anchored her ship in the defence of Damaris.

Locke is adamant in her belief that the defence of Imperial citizens remains the highest priority of the Navy, and believes that her actions in defending Damaris continues this proud tradition. This view is not necessarily viewed but the commanding officers of Battlefleet Calixis however, sometimes putting Locke at odds with her superiors.


Passing a Difficult(-10) Investigation roll will reveal the full biography of Cpt. Locke. Common knowledge (no roll required) yields the above information.

Lord-Captain Sylvia Locke

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