WS – 38
BS – 55
S – 60
T – 62
Ag – 30
Int – 64
Per – 35 (+20 at night)
WP – 35
Fel – 20

Manipulator Mechadendrite
Ballistic Mechadendrite
Mechanicus Implant
Logic Implant
Calculus Logi Implant

Inferno Pistol
Solo Boltgun
Storm Bolter
Missile Launcher (Locke) – Frag Missiles
Omnissan Power Axe


Birthright – Savant
Lure of the Void – Seeker of Truth
Motivation – Knowledge is power, guard it well

Khan was born on a forge world in a Mechanicus research outstation. Khan rose quickly and was inducted into the Adeptus Mechanicus. Khan fully follows the Omnissiah, and only follows the Imperial Creed out of necessity. She seeks to rediscover lost technologies and recover knowledge to further glorify the Omnissiah.

Khan disapproves of anyone who does not seek to follow the Omnissiah, and therefore has little respect for most people she encounters. Khan also disapproves of emotion, or more specifically human-ness, preferring cold logic and reason. For this reason Khan seeks to purge herself of all ties to her humanity.


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