Morga Arbitor

Rogue Trader of House Arbitor


Morga is not of particularly great stature but thick bodied. A wide flat face with a repeatedly broken nose is topped by mildly receeding short cropped black hair graying at the temples. His eyes have an intensity boardering on the unbalanced.

Hp -7


Morga grew to young adulthood in the beast infested jungles of Cargus II an unpleasant death world with a single outpost. The son of a Strangely noble man and a women from the planet itself. His small family band took part in the only real trade on the planet, the collection of the precious gems that wash down the rivers there. After a particularly bad year most of his band perished including his mother. His father managed to secure a small shelter within the outpost with a man that seemed to have some knowledge or or relationship to the family. The poor incredibly filthy and rough minor spaceport saw him through the first few years of adult hood and also marked the death of his father. It was at this time agents of house Arbitor sought him out. Apparently the last surviving member of the family save his heir-less “uncle”, he was a necessary appendage for the houses business dealings. Traveling far from the death world that spawned him. His stay with his uncle proved a very short one. After a brief meeting with no explanation of how his family ended up on a death world or why they knew to seek them out there Morga was shipped off to begin training in the family trade. The final of these training trips marked the near destruction of the ship due to some wavering in the Gellar field that lead to repeated warp intrusions. Images of that trip have marked Morga to this day not with fear but with an odd sense of destiny. Just before the death of his uncle by assassination Morga was entered into a loveless marriage to nobility long in title and short on funds. The only success of the marriage was the production of a new heir to the house after which the controlling hands behind the family sent off the houses barbaric son to the edge of the galaxy where he could do little to harm the centeral buiness that was overseen by his wife and tenders. Morga had no disagreements finding the more civilized parts of the galaxy less to his liking and longing for the freedom granted by this distant position. Now free of the grip of what he feels are “lesser men” he can pursue his destiny and calling among distance stars spreading the might of man and the god emperor.

Morga’s continued close calls and unlikely survival have left him slightly unbalanced. He has an unfounded level of confidence in his instincts and those around him that stems from his firmly held belief that as long as he doesn’t falter the Emperor will protect and guide him to some greater destiny. Perils and injury are tests of his faith which he will gladly, if not patiently endure.

Morga Arbitor

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