Combat Obscura

Combat Obscura Dose


As a half action, the player character may inject himself with one dose of Combat Obscura. This potent mixture of painkillers gives the player character a +2 bonus to Toughness Bonus for the purposes of damage reduction from enemy attacks and a -10 penalty to Intelligence and Agility for 3d10 minutes.

Multiple doses do not stack.

Combat Obscura is strongly addictive and may cause addiction. Prolonged use may result in permanent brain damage.

Rarity: Extremely Rare
Each acquisition gives 3 doses of Combat Obscura.

Ex. Trenne injects herself with Combat Obscura in anticipation of the coming battle and gains a +2 bonus to her Toughness Bonus, giving her an additional damage reduction of 1. As a result of the calming effects of the laced Obscura, Trenne gains a -10 penalty to her Agility and Intelligence.


A relatively recent innovation within the Calixis Sector, Combat Obscura is a varient of the illegal drug Obscura that has been mixed with potent amphetamines to counteract the sedative effects without affecting its desired painkilling properties. Residual side effects remain however, resulting in slight mental impairments and increased reaction times.

Combat Obscura is even more addictive than straight Obscura due to the added amphetamines.

Combat Obscura

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