Las Power Selector

Las Weapon Upgrade


Las Power Selector:
Las weapons are set to discharge at a specific amount of energy per shot deemed ideal by the Departmento Munitorum for maximum efficiency between killing power and power usage. With the addition of a power selector the user can control how powerful the discharge is, allowing for a more deadly shot with fewer shots per magazine, or lower powered shots to conserve ammunition.

Effect: This modification gives the Las weapon three firing settings, Low, Standard, and Maximum. At Low power, each shot uses half a charge, but deals only 1d10 E damage. Standard Power deals the normal damage for the weapon, and uses 1 charge per shot. Maximum power adds 1 damage and 2 penetration to the weapons profile, but each shot requires two charges.

Using maximum power with an overcharge pack causes the weapon to consume 4 shots per charge, but loses the reliable quality or gaining the unreliable quality if it was not reliable. Las weapons fired on semi-auto or full auto also gains the Overheats quality upon jamming. Hellguns and hellpistols fired on Maximum setting gain the Unreliable trait regardless of weapon quality, due to the already high intensity shots of these weapons. This modification has no effect when using Hot Shot charge packs since they are essentially Maximum power shots already, and consume the entire clip per shot.

Use: Any Pistol, or Basic Las weapon.

Availability: Rare

Example: Kerrick fires selects his Lasgun to “Maximum” setting and unleashes a semi-auto burst. Due to to the increased power load, his Lasgun will Overheat if the gun jams.

Losarius reloads his Assault Lasgun with a fresh overcharged power pack, and selects the “Maximum” setting. As above, the gun Overheats upon jamming, but also loses the reliable quality due to the overcharge pack.


Las Power Selector

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