Rapid Discharge Capacitor

Las Weapon Modification


Rapid Discharge Capacitor:
Although not strictly speaking standard issue by the Departmento Munitorum this modification is very common amongst Imperial Guard regiments that see significant close quarter combat. This modification increases the durability of the capacitors of the Las weapon it is installed in allowing for an increased rate of fire.

Effect: Increase the semi auto rate of fire by one and double the automatic rate of fire.If the weapon does not have semi auto or automatic it gains an RoF of S/2/-. If the RoF for semi-auto in such a case is raised to 3 or higher then the weapon also gains full-auto equal to twice its semi-auto rate of fire.

Use: Any Basic, or Pistol Las weapon.

Availability: Rare

Example:A standard Lasgun Rate of Fire with this modification is changed from S/3/- to S/4/8, while a Merovech-Pattern Assault Lasgun has its Rate of Fire increased from S/-/5 to S/2/10. A Laspistol would increase from S/-/- to S/2/-.


Rapid Discharge Capacitor

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