Combat Stimulant Dose


As a full action, the player may inject himself with one Stim-pack dose. The player character gains regeneration of 3 HP for 1d5 rounds. Characters currently at negative hit points (in the criticals) or that possess the Machine trait gain regeneration of 1 HP for 1d5 rounds.

Stim-packs do not remove the effects of critical damage. Critical damage effects can only be healed through proper medical attention.

Multiple uses do not stack, however, additional doses increase the duration of effect by +1d5 per additional dose.

Injecting a Stim-pack dose in melee combat allows enemies a free Standard Attack. Stim-packs can be used in conjunction with the Medicae skill in order to achieve superior results. Passing a Hard (-20) Medicae Test while injecting a Stim-pack automatically achieves 5 rounds of effects.

Stim-packs are mildly addictive and may cause addiction.

Rarity: Rare
Each acquisition provides 3 doses of Stim-packs.

Example: Essaila’s battered form has taken numerous punishment at the hands of an Ork Warboss, leaving her at 2 hit points. Deciding to fight on, Essaila injects herself with a Stim-pack, and gains 3 HP per round for 3 rounds.


This cocktail of combat stimulants is a mixture of adrenaline, painkillers and synthetic blood coagulants designed to mask current injuries and lessen bleeding of wounds. Although by no means the same as treatment from a qualified medicae, they are designed to stabilize and stimulate the bodies natural healing reactions. As the effects of these drugs take time to fully realize, users experience a moderate healing effect over time.


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