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Hello Explorers!

This wiki here will be used for uploading information pertaining to the Warhammer 40k world in which our campaign is played in. For now, it only has Damaris information, but more will be uploaded as needed.

Recently,I’ve uploaded a wealth of information regarding our current campaign on the planet of Damaris, including locations, NPCs, fighting units, and more. Click the “Show all” link on the side panel to see the pages available.

Feel free to make new pages if the fancy strikes you.


Current pages:

Starship Hulls

Damaris Levy Deployment

The Forsellis System

Planet Damaris

The Bulwark

Damaris Locations

The Damaris Highland Levy

Damaris Levy Units – Ground

Damaris Defence Flotilla

House Rules

Argos Equipment Guide

Koronus Expanse Locations

Main Page

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