Argos Equipment Guide

The Argos: A Guide to Existing Ship Resources

As a member of a Rogue Trader dynasty, you have access to a variety of resources present on your vessel. Follows are weapons, items, and retainers that you have access to while aboard your void-ship to use as you see fit.


Although not extensive, every void-ship maintains numerous weapons lockers and armories for use in riot suppression, security, and repelling enemy boarders. The following weapons are present in quantity at all times:

Shotgun: Basic, 30m, S/-/-,1d10+4 I Pen 0,Clip 2, Rld 2 full, Scatter, 5kg

Notes: The combat shotgun is commonly used weapon by naval armsmen all duties such as repelling boarders, and is the most plentiful weapon on board.

Autogun: Basic,90m,S/3/10,1d10+3 I, Pen 0, Clip 30, Rld 2 Full, 3.5kg

Notes: Though less commonly used, the autogun is sometimes employed in boarding actions conducted on enemy ships, or on security detail off-ship.

Lasgun: Basic,100m, S/3/-,1d10+3E, Pen 0, Clip 60, Rld Full, Reliable

Notes: The trusty lasgun is maintained in (relatively) small amounts for use in specialized bodyguard or troop squads.

Shock-staff: Melee, 1d5+3 I, Pen 0, Shocking

Notes: These electrified staffs are used primarily to keep the peace, and prod press-ganged crew to stick to their assigned tasks.

Mono-weapons: In addition to the above weapons, the armories also contain numerous mono-edged blade weapons, such as mono-knives, swords, cutlasses, mauls, and other melee weapons.


In addition to stocks of weapons, any void-ship will also contain the following supplies at all times as standard equipment.

-Ration packs
-Glow-globe/Lamp pack
-Data slate (poor and common quality)
-Void suits
-Ship-board emergency kits (all decks)
-Vox and pict-casters
-Flak weave security uniform (AP 2 legs/body/arms)
-Naval flak armor ( AP 3 arms/legs/head, AP 4 body)

Notes: These items represent only a few of the common items to be found onboard. If you think of an item that would be logical to have on board already, then it most likely is!


Rogue trader ships are crewed by both press-gang scum and highly loyal families that have served the dynasty for generations. The following NPCs can be used by members of the dynasty as you see fit. Be wary though, morale might start falling if their lives are callously wasted!

Naval security forces

WS 30 BS 30 S 35 T 30 Ag 30 Int 25 Per 25 WP 25 Fel 25

Wounds: 10

Skills: Awareness, Common lore (Imperium), Speak Language (Low Gothic)

Talents: Basic Weapon Training(SP, Las)

Weapons: Shotgun, Autopistol (page 118 RT core), Shock-staff

Amour: Flak weave security uniform (AP Legs 2, Body 2, Arms 2)

Gear: 20 shells, 2 autopistol clips

Notes: These armsmen have had basic training in riot suppression, security detail, and some training in repelling boarders, but are not suited for long term combat roles

Unit sizes available: Single man, Squad (12), Platoon (48), Company (144)

House Troops:

For more information on the Arbiter House Troops, see Arbiter Household Troops

Argos Equipment Guide

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