Armageddon-class Battlecruiser

Armageddon-class Battlecruiser

Dimensions: 5 km long, 0.8 km abeam at fins approx.
Mass: 30 megatons approx.
Crew: 98,500 crew, approx.
Accel: 2.5 gravities max sustainable acceleration.

The Armageddon class is a relatively recent innovation within the Imperial Navy. They are constructed from the hulks of ruined Lunar-class cruisers, upgunned, upgraded and recommissioned into battle anew. The Lunar class is ubiquitous amongst all Segmentum fleets, and frequently involved in shattering conflicts, so the opportunity to construct these battlecruisers arises often. Given their extensively redesigned power relays and enhanced weapon systems, they are more demanding in terms of manpower and resources than the Lunar class, and so are rarely constructed from scratch, but hard-pressed battlefleets are quick to utilize them where they are available. Given their large crews and the fact that Lunar-class hulls were never really designed to carry such heavy weaponry, Armageddons are surprisingly cramped and uncomfortable vessels for their size, making them poorly suited for long-term exploration — but few Rogue Traders can argue with the raw firepower they bring to bear.

Speed: 5
Maneuverability: +10
Detection: +10
Hull Integrity: 70
Armour: 20
Turret Rating: 2
Space: 73
SP: 63
Weapon Capacity: Prow 1, Port 2, Starboard 2, Dorsal 1

Battlecruiser: This ship can use “cruisers-only” Components.

Cramped: The corridors of Armageddon-class battlecruisers are lined with power relays for the massive weapons systems which must be replaced often. These cabling systems clog the ships passageways like arterial plaque, consuming space that would otherwise be used for vital supplies. Even extensive redesigns cannot resolve these issues. The ship can only stock three month’s worth of food and supplies rather than the normal six.

Armageddon class battlecruiser

Armageddon-class Battlecruiser

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