Damaris Defence Flotilla

Based at the Bulwark , the Damaris Defence Flotilla is lead by a gruff, aged voidman by the name of Orran Reynolds. Commander Reynolds, an accomplished fighter pilot and veteran of countless space battles, does the best he can with what little is at his disposal. Not a wealthy planet by the measure of most worlds, Damaris was never able to afford heavy, warp-capable warships. Instead, the Flotilla is made up numerous fast, heavily armored inter-system patrol craft and a handful of defense monitors. These ships, along with the few fighter squadrons based at the Bulwark , are responsible for patrolling the system and keeping it safe for commerce and travel. A difficult task indeed when one considers the sheer vastness of the system and the constant threat of pirates and marauding xenos.

Thanks to its status as a quasi-Imperial colony, Damaris has been afforded the honor of hosting an Imperial Navy garrison. This garrison, essentially a small suite of offices within the hollow moon, is home to the command of one Lord-Captain Sylvia Locke. Lord Captain Locke, a marginalized career officer from Battlefleet Calixis, has at her command the might of her light cruiser Aegis.

There is a palpable friction between Commander Reynolds and Lord-Captain Locke. For the former, this is born for his distrust of the Imperial Navy, and his belief that the Lord-Captain isn’t particularly invested in the defense of his planet, orders or no. As for the Lord-Captain, she has a deep disdain for the training and readiness of any force not part of the Imperial Navy, as well as the dismissive attitude of a Lord-Captain dealing with “common voidmen”.

Listed below are the various Imperial voidships tasked with defending Damaris from Ork Rok and raider attacks.

Elizabeth Orlean’s ship is a Tempest-class Strike Frigate. Although it is a relatively small vessel compared to Blitz’ Ordained Destiny, Orleans uses her ship with cunning and skill. In addition, the Starweaver is equipped and trained for war in a way that the gilded and ostentatious Ordained Destiny is not, which makes it far more effective in combat than its size would suggest.

Ordained Destiny
Blitz’ vessel is a cruiser, but its combat effectiveness was significantly reduced before Blitz got his hands on it. The massive statues that run the length of the vessel and gilt hull look extremely impressive, but make the ship harder to manoeuvre and weaker in a straight fight. In addition, Blitz is tentative when committing his ship to combat, avoiding situations likely to see him killed.

Recently, Ordained Destiny has been reduced to a wrecked hulk due to repeated Ork ramming and boarding actions, leaving the ship effectively destroyed.

A Dauntless-class Light Cruiser, Locke’s vessel is an Imperial Navy warship through and through, and combined with her decades of tactical training is easily the most dangerous warship in the Damaris flotilla.

The Argos is an ancient Firestorm-class Frigate that has been retrofitted by the Arbiter dynasty for use in numerous endeavors. Although a smaller vessel, its forward mounted lance weaponry allows it to hunt vessels far larger than its class would normally dictate, making it effective against capital ships as well as smaller vessels. Its dynasty operated command crew have recently acquired a reputation for ruthlessness in void combat, including its treatment of allies.

The Bulwark is an extremely powerful and deadly orbital installation around Damaris. However, because it is an orbital installation and cannot move under its own power, it must wait for ships to come within range of its guns. Thus, although boasting multiple batteries of macrocannons and lances, its effectiveness for the defense is limited.

System Ships
Transport vessels with some macrocannons and no warp capability, the system ships of Damaris are not match for true warships, and are best used in supporting roles only.

Damaris Defence Flotilla

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