Damaris Levy Units - Ground

Listed below are the various Imperial ground unit descriptions available in the current war.

House Troops
Orleans and Blitz each contribute one company of roughly two hundred House Troops to the defense. These soldiers are loyal, well-trained veterans, and equipped on the same level as the Levy. However, they are light infantry without heavy armor or anti-tank weapons, and cannot hold positions unaided for long.

Mustered Armsmen
Orleans and Blitz, as well as the Argos have dispatched several thousand crew to the surface to aid in the conflict. Poorly armed and armored, these men are not trained to fight a ground war, and their attrition will likely be high.

Though trained equally, Argos armsmen are fewer in number, and will fall to attrition faster than units fielded by Orleans and Blitz.

2nd Platoon, 8th Calixian Storm Trooper Company
There are less than 40 of these highly-trained veterans under Locke’s command, but their effectiveness should not be understated. They are equipped with Valkyrie Assault Carriers with two Vulture Gunships for support, and if tasked with offensive raids and attacks they can do a great deal of damage. They should not be committed to operations alone, however, as they are a highly trained offensive force of an elite few.

The 1st and 2nd Damarin Levy Regiments
Each of these regiments consists of roughly four thousand soldiers, with some light armor and artillery support. They are trained and equipped to the level of the Imperial Guard, and have the numbers to absorb heavy casualties. The 3rd and 4th Damarin Levy regiments have been deployed to defend the walls and the outer settlements of the planet, and are not available to deploy.

Sphinx Heavy Guards
The Sphinx Heavy Guards is Damaris’ only tank unit. Equipped with a core of forty Leman-Russ pattern tanks and supported by eight Demolishers and a dozen Sentinels, it is Damaris’ only real option for offensive attacks, and likely wasted in defensive operations.

Highland Wardens
This is Damaris’ sole concession to mobile artillery, as the planet has had little need of it until now. The Wardens are equipped with twenty Basilisk Tanks, mounting the fearsome long-ranged Earthshaker cannons, and have three Griffons with short-range mortars.

Magistratum Enforcer Cadres
Magistratum officers are hardly equipped to fight a full-scale war but armed with shotguns, riot shields, and a small number of heavy stubbers, they can give a good accounting for themselves in urban locations.

Magistratum Suppression Cadre
The Suppression Cadre is a small unit intended for riot suppression and operations against armed cults. It is equipped with Rhino and Repressor tanks, giving it a suprisingly powerful punch. Like other Magistratum units, it is best deployed to defend urban areas.

Skitarii Cohorts
Magos Shard has only two companies of these fearsome warriors at his disposal, but their augmented frames and powerful Mechanicus weaponry means they are quite effective in all situations.

Damaris Levy Units - Ground

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