Goliath-class Factory Ship

Goliath-class Factory Ship

Dimensions: 4.9 km long, 0.9km abeam at fins approx.
Mass: 16 megatonnes approx.
Crew: 41,000 crew, approx.
Accel: 1.5 gravities max sustainable acceleration.

The Goliath-class factory ships are Mechanicus vessels, gigantic energy-processing vessels that harvest the very essence of stars. They devour solar plasma that power their own arcane fuel production techniques, in order to sate the endless hunger of the Imperium’s Hive worlds. Even larger than the Jericho class, they are fragile and potentially explosive craft treated with respectful caution by other spacefarers, give their propensity to detonate in catastrophic explosions that are capable of scouring the atmosphere from entire worlds.

The Goliaths plod slowly through certain traditional trade routes, the principle Calixian route consiting Sepheris Secundus, Scintilla, and an obscure blue star known only as Delta 7815. The full round-trip – which can take up to two years – begins at Sepheris Secundus, where the Goliaths take aboard millions of tons of unrefined ore; hacked from the frozen surface of the ice world by billions of serfs. The ship refines this ore to extract the priceless rare elements contained within, converting them in primal furnaces to their base molecules —suspended in a plasma state and stored within fragile spinning containment fields. These plasmas are highly desired to fuel the most powerful reactors. This hugely demanding process drains the ships own enormous power plants, so it plunges from the warp to scoop the plasma of the brilliant blue-giant Delta 7815, restoring its own power reserves, before slowly propelling itself back to Scintilla to off-load its precious cargo of energy-rich plasma fuel.

The Goliaths of the Calixis Sector are an ancient and inelegant class; bulbous and totally utilitarian, they are of interest to Rogue Traders because of their potentially infinite range (subject to finding stars of the correct type to recharge their plasma engines) and their not inconsiderable transport capability.

Speed: 3
Manoeuvrability: -10
Detection: +4
Hull Integrity: 50
Armor: 14
Turret Rating: 1
Space: 40
SP: 25
Weapon Capacity: 1 Dorsal, 1 Port, 1 Starboard

Cargo Hauler:This vessel was designed from transporting goods and fuel, and no amount of retrofitting can fully change this. This Hull comes pre-equipped with two Main Cargo Hold Components (see page 203 of RT core rulebook). The hull’s Space has already been reduced to account for these, however when the ship is constructed it must be able to provide a total of 4 Power to these Components.
Plasma Refinery:This vessel comes pre-equipped with a unique Component, a Plasma Refinery, used to create high-grade fuel for plasma engines. This is a huge facility mounted amidships. This grants the ship the ability to scoop plasma from the stars, refine it, and sell it on. The profits gained by this enterprise are closely matched to the costs of running the vessel, however the Explorers can use it to augment their own endeavours. The refining process simply requires a large supply of low-grade ore, however the plasma process is more involved. The ship must enter a retrograde orbit around a blue-giant star, a manoeuvre that takes three days and requires two Ordinary (+10) Pilot(Space Craft) + Manoeuvrability Tests. Failure of either of these Tests by five degrees or more results in the ships destruction. Success means the ship gains enough additional plasma to convert one full load of ore, granting the Explorers +100 Achievement Points to an ongoing Endeavour (the refined plasma can either be used in the Endeavor, or sold to generate funds).
Powered by Stars: Provided the Goliath harvests plasma roughly once a year, its Plasma Drive generates +10 Power.

Goliath-class Factory Ship

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