Havoc-class Merchant Raider

Havoc-class merchant raider

Dimensions: 1.6 km long, 0.4 km abeam approx.
Mass: 6 megatonnes approx.
Crew: 24000 crew, approx.
Accel: 5 gravities max sustainable acceleration

The Havoc class is a heavy raider whose origins date back to before the reconquest of the Calixis Sector. A typical Havoc has fast engines, sizeable cargo space, and a battery strength to rival many frigates. However, their armour is relatively weak, meaning that these ‘glass cannons’ have a hard time going toe-to-toe with a comparable naval vessel.

Speed: 9
Manoeuvrability: +25
Detection: +10
Hull Integrity: 30
Armour: 16
Turret Rating: 1
Space: 40
SP: 35
Weapon Capacity: Dorsal 1, Prow 1

Havoc-class Merchant Raider

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