House Rules

This page outlies the various House rules we’ve come up with over the months. Feel free to upload a House rule if you don’t see it here!

Enhanced Dice Rolls: Any Test that comes up a natural (unmodified) roll of 1 is an automatic success, and automatically causes Righteous Fury if an attack. A roll of 2-5 counts as an automatic success.

Any Test that comes up a natural (unmodified) roll of 100 is an automatic failure, and may cause self injury or other misfortunes. A roll of 96-99 is an automatic failure.

Any Skill Tests in which modifiers would bring the % chance of success to 95% or higher, the Test becomes 95% instead. This is to represent sheer bad luck occasionally ruining the actions of even the most highly skilled individuals.

Sound Constitution: Upon gaining this talent, the explorer gains 2 Wounds instead of the usual 1.

Modified Force Fields: After absorbing any particularly nasty attack such as an explosion or automatic burst, the field gains an extra +5% chance of overloading due to the extreme energies straining the capacity of the field. This effect lasts the duration of the encounter, and multiple instances are cumulative.

Example: Missionary Esailla’s conversion field(overload 1-10) activates after a nearby Ork grenade goes off. Her field negates the blast, but now overloads on a roll of 1-15.

Light Cruiser Maneuverability: Though technically cruisers, Light Cruisers maintain the maneuverability of the Frigate class, and may make up to 90 degree turns in space combat.

Modified Flamers: As an additional combat option, as a Full Action, the explorer may attack with a flamer with a 45 degree spread, rather than 30 degrees. This represents taking more time to sweep a large area with cleansing flames.

Fate Points: At the beginning of every session, player characters regain 1/2 of their maximum fate points rounded down, to a minimum of one. Player characters who have burnt all remaining points do not regain any points.

Acquisitions: When making Acquisitions, players may make 2 standard Acquisition rolls at no penalty, after which all Acquisition rolls suffer a cumulative -5 penalty. This rule represents the strain additional Acquisitions place on the Dynasty’s profit factor. If Acquisitions are failed at significant penalties, misfortunes may occur!

Example: Khan has attempted twice to acquire an item of interest, and wishes to acquire a different item. This third roll suffers a -5 penalty, and any 4th would suffer -10, etc.

1 Meter Step: All characters may take one free 1 meter step, as a Free Action. This 1 meter step does not count towards your Actions, but cannot be added on to a Move action. For example, you cannot perform a 1 meter step, and then perform a Move action, only one or the other is allowed.

Example: Morgah wishes to get better footing in which to gain the Double Team bonus on a xenos scum. He makes a 1 meter step and has 2 Half Actions remaining.

Maximum Party Size: Players may bring NPCs with them at any time, up to a maximum party size of 8.

Example: Morgah, Vesperus, Esailla, Charron, Trenn and Khan are conducting a raid on a heretic lair, and wish to bring some extra firepower. They may bring up to 2 NPCs with them, bringing the party size to the maximum of 8.

Weapon Upgrades: If players do not wish to upgrade their weapons themselves with a Trade(Armorer) Test as normal, they then must acquire the upgrade at one rarity step higher than normal, representing the additional rarity and expense of hiring a suitable armorer to install the upgrade.

Example: Vesperus wishes to upgrade her Hellpistol with the Las Power Selector upgrade and does not possess the Trade(Armorer) skill, so the Acquisition roll increases from Rare (-10) to Very Rare (-20).

House Rules

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