Repulsive-class Grand Cruiser

Repulsive-class Grand Cruiser

Dimensions: 7.4 km long, 1.5 km abeam at fins approx.
Mass: 39 megatons approx.
Crew: 134,000 crew, approx.
Accel: 2.4 gravities max sustainable acceleration.

In the superstitious and hidebound realm of Imperial starship construction, entire classes of vessel can come to be regarded as cursed since the design stage. Spacefarers mutter that these ships are star-crossed, prone to dragging entire crews with them into the warp at a moment’s notice, there they leave them starving or bedeviled, until the ship re-emerges in the eye of terror, ready to serve the twisted lords of Chaos.

This dark reputation has followed the grand cruisers of the Repulsive-class since their inception in the Imperium’s early days. A disturbingly large number of the Repulsives (their original names long-lost to antiquity) have turned traitor or been captured into the arch-enemy’s service since the class became operational — so many that some have forgotten the ships were originally constructed in the Emperor’s service.

This is a tragedy indeed for the Imperium, for these are graceful and powerful spacecraft, with a radically different weapons fit from all other grand cruisers, fully realizing the ancient doctrine of fast and maneuverable heavy warship. Their design cannot be duplicated, as the secrets of constructing powerful enough plasma drives has since been lost. Only a handful of these ships remain uncorrupted, and these are either mothballed, sealed, and guarded in the Reserve Fleets of the various Segmentum Fortresses, or under the command of certain Rogue Traders.

Speed: 5
Maneuverability: +8
Detection: +10
Hull Integrity: 85
Armour: 19
Turret Rating: 3
Space: 90
Weapon Capacity: Port 2, Starboard 2, Prow 1, Dorsal 1

Grand Cruiser: This ship can use “cruisers-only” Components.
Cursed: The advanced experimental warp drive of the class creates unusual harmonics which can cause the Geller field to flicker momentarily during warp transit, escalating navigational difficulties. All navigation tests carried out by the ship’s Navigator during warp travel take a -10 penalty.
Ancient Grand Cruiser: The older types of Grand Cruiser were finely balanced. As such, this vessel may not gain any Components that increase the ship’s armor.

Repulsive class

Repulsive-class Grand Cruiser

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