The Bulwark

Nestled in the bosom of a hollowed-out moon in orbit above Damaris, the Bulwark is the center of Damaris’ Orbital Defense Forces. Mined for centuries by the Damaran colonists, the ore deposits were eventually depleted and the planetary government was left with a seemingly useless holow shell in an unstable orbit around their world. unsure what to do with it, Damaris initially used it to store mining ships and the remains of the ancient colony ship used to settle the planet. As the years passed and Damaris’ ship-building industry expanded, the moon slowly became a fully operational space station. The moon was moved to a higher orbit with massive plasma drives. The interior spaces were expanded and sectioned into hangars, dry-docks, slips, housing, and hundreds of kilometers of corridors. Defensive emplacements were erected on the surface, and they slowly accumulated a motely but potent mix of augur arrays, auspex systems, and the sort of macrocannon and lance batteries typically found on the larger classes of Imperial warships.

Today, the Bulwark houses the small defense flotilla within its massive docks. Along with the ships and crews there are tens of thousands of soldiers, pilots, customs officials, government and military functionaries house among its blasted rock and twisting corridors. A hub of trade as well as a military port, there is a bustling commercial center adjoining the civilian docks where Rogue Traders mix with voidmen, scoundrels, and Chartist Captains in an environment rich with rumor, commerce, and potential violence. While small, the commercial center offers all the amenities that a voidman ashore expects; money lenders, drinking establishments, brothels, fighting pits, and all manner of unseemly entertainment.

Out beyond the Bulwark ’s orbit are three other moons, small enough to be inconsequential (none more than a few hundred kilometers in diameter). However, a canny commander might use them to ambush the coming Orks.

For more information regarding the Bulwark in a military capability, see its listing under the Damaris Space Flotilla page.

The Bulwark

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