The Damaris Highland Levy

Commanded by General Remi Dante, the Levy is responsible for the protection of the planet itself. With Tens of thousands of men under arms and equipped with Imperial Guard surplus, the Levy is a respectably modern fighting force comprised of both conscripts and professional volunteers. Headquartered just within Damaris city at the Levy Fields, the Levy strongly resembles the Imperial Guard after which it is structured. Possessing good communications infrastructure and a very competent logistics chain, the Levy can establish a forward operating base anywhere on the planet in two local days. This allows them to stay close to the capital city and still retain the ability to respond quickly to any emergency.

Geared mainly toward open warfare, the Levy is, at its heart, an infantry force. The backbone of the ground forces are the 1st and 2nd Highland Levy regiments. A rough and ready group of straight-leg and mechanized infantry, the regiment has an officer corps made of volunteers, mainly from the houses of Damaris nobility, with enlisted conscripts and non-commissioned officers from the poorer sections of the capital city and the surrounding villages. The average conscript soldier is equipped with a lasgun and flak armor, along with the typical kit of gear and support needed by a soldier in the field. The Levy has a strong tradition of squad sergeants directing many of the Levy’s day-to-day operations. Officers equip themselves, typically with the finest quality firearms and heirloom suits of carapace armor adorned with both their family colors and those of their respective units. While they are well trained and kept at a high state of readiness, the Levy is still very green. Throughout the centuries of their existence, they have fought precious few battles, have never faced an off-world threat serious enough to require a mass mobilization of troops, and the current Levy is unbloodied and untested.

Adding heavy armor to the bloody infantry of the Levy are the Sphinx Heavy Guard’s armored forces. Bringing some dignity to the otherwise ugly brawl of infantry combat, the Heavy Guard operates the numerous Leman Russ tanks, fighting vehicles, and artillery pieces (organized into a separate unit, the Highland Wardens). Equipped largely like their brothers in the infantry, the Armored forces prefer lascarbines and autopistols to the bulky lasguns and heavy stubbers of the 1st and 2nd. The men and women of the Heavy Guard tend to be flashy and arrogant and see themselves as elite warriors, certainly better than simple soldiers. A friendly – and occasionally unfriendly – rivalry exists between the two forces which leads to constant attempts to outdo one another as well as the occasional brawl or duel.

The rest of the Levy is made up of various auxiliary support groups and transport elements. Damaris’ Levy is also supported by a small air force, mostly Valkyrie Assault Carriers and Vulture gunships for transport, air support, and airborne assaults.

The Damaris Highland Levy

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