Transports are easily the most common starships found in the Imperium. Tasked with the often thankless job of hauling goods from one end of the galaxy to the other, transports are large, slow, and designed to carry as much cargo as possible within their hulls. Nevertheless, these vessels are almost single-handedly responsible for maintaining the integrity of humanity’s domain. Hive worlds, for example, would not long survive without regular shipments of food and water from agri-worlds, and for many far-flung colonies, the regular passage of a chartist captain or tramp freighter is their only communication with the larger Imperium.

Transports sacrifice speed, manoeuvrability, and armor in exchange for cargo space, and while they often have weapons, they are no match for a true combatant. Thus, transports are often prime targets for pirates. A Rogue Trader with a transport will have to rely on his wits to get him out of sticky situations, rather than his guns. However, if he chooses to focus on mercantile pursuits to make his fortune, he will find no better vessel to aid him.

As follows are the varied transport-class hull types available in the Koronus Expanse and Calixis sector. Note these hull types consist of Imperial-pattern starships, and equivalent xeno or chaos pattern hulls may vary considerably.

Jericho-class Pilgrim Vessel

Vagabond-class Merchant Trader

Loki-class Q-ship

Orion-class Star Clipper

Carrack-class Transport

Goliath-class Factory Ship

Universe-class Mass Conveyor


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